What I'm doing now

Welcome to my now page. If you're curious about the concept of "now page", visit NowNowNow.com, or its creator Derek Sivers's personal website.

updated on September, 8th 2017

I'm still enjoying the life in the Dallas area, after 9 months living here. I've started to meet with the tech community here. Going back to sqare 1 after all the work I've done to build a decent network in Paris is a challenge, but it's definitely not unpleasant.

My personal situation has complicated the relationship with the board of my last startup to date. After a few weeks of discussion, I had no choice but to take the decision to step out of the company in last July. A painful decision, but probably the best both for me and for the project's future. 

I've spent a few months working on several freelancing missions for Amercian clients, which allowed me to improve my skills in Python and other technical matters, such as Docker, AWS or DevOps. 

I'm currently spending the majority of my time working on what might be yet another startup... I'm designing a highly technical solution that I hope will help the industry to fight against counterfeit products. It's a complex topic that requires a lot of knowledge in both the physical-industrial world and the software environment... It happends to be precisely the two main topics I've studied during my college years, so it feels good to dive into this topic!

Hopefully, I'll be able to provide more detailed information in a few weeks. I'm still in a early phase of the process.

On my spare time, I continue playing a lot of tennis, and improving my skills on the guitar and the piano. My MIDI footcontroller is 80% finished, I now wait for the PCB to begin the final assembly. My reading list is full as usual, but I have read pretty interesting books in the last months.