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Python MIDI Library

This is the library I built to easily write and read MIDI messages via Python.

When I decided to build my own midi foot-controller, I wanted to run it using Python.

As I looked for Python MIDI libraries, I didn't find anything that suited me, so I decided to program it myself. I published it in Python officials package, and all the code is open-source.

import midi
connector = midi.MidiConector('/dev/serial0') # the argument must match the path to serial port

# If you want to read MIDI message
message = connector.read() # return a Message type object

# You can then access several attribute of the message
t = message.type # could be ProgramChange, ControlChange, SysEx, NoteOn, ...
channel = message.channel # Midi channel on which the message has been received, from 1 to 16
first_byte = message.status # Value of the first byte (a Midi message is composed of 2 or 3 bytes)

# If you want to send MIDI messages
note = NoteOn(32, 127) # Note number 32 (G#) at max velocity
channel = 1 # You are about to send a message on MIDI channel 1
message = Message(note, channel)

connector.write(message) # will send the MIDI message NoteOn on channel #1

You can also send or receive in OMNI mode (ie on every channel at the same time). For further details, please have a look at the source code, or run


to read the docs.

As always, you are more than welcome to contact me if you have any feedback or suggestions.


Python MIDI Library

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